Stretching machine-N type


JM-ST-N90120ü JM-ST-N120150
Automatic Grade manual manual
Max stretching size 900mm*1200mm 120mm*1500mm
Min stretching size 600mm*600mm 600mm*600mm
clamps style Double rubber-coated clamps Double rubber-coated clamps

-Push frames by pneumatic

-Stable tension strong frame work

-Push frames by pneumatic

-Stable tension strong frame work

-Double rubber -coated clamps

-Easy Frame Size Adjustment

-Corner Softening Capabilities While Under Tension

-Compatible with Essentially all Frame Types

-Stretches Directly from the Bolt of Fabric

-Utilizes a Wide Locking Bar for Easy Use

-No Special Training or Tools Required

-Maintenance-free Design 


It is used for assembling screen printing plates and stretching screen mesh.




1. Put the screen frame on it, the upside must be the ragged face.

2. Adjust the height of the frame, 0.04″-0.08″(1-2mm) higher than the baffle.

3. Keeping the hand-wheel in the inside of the screw rod will assure better stretching effects.

4. Coat screen adhesive, not to thin and not to thick.

5. Stretch when the adhesive sticks hand a bit.

6. Coat the adhesive again after well stretched.

7. When the adhesive solidifies completely, then the screen stretching appliance can be dismantled.

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Stretching machine NO.2 (3)Stretching machine NO.2 (4)

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