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The ink used in UV flatbed printers is – A special UV lining water, the performance of this lining water is good, the water resistance is relatively strong, it is a UV flatbed printer A lossy material that must be used cannot be avoided, so let’s talk about what is UV water. This UV ink has a very small particle diameter, so it can enter and exit the UV print head better when in use, so it will not block the print head.
UV (ultraviolet light-curing) ink refers to the ink that uses ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energies to polymerize the monomers in the ink binder into polymers under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the ink is formed into a film and dried. UV inks are also inks. As inks, they must have bright colors (except in special cases), good printability, and suitable curing and drying rates. At the same time, it has good adhesion, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
Products Name
UV inks
1 L / bottle
Applicable Head
I3200, XP600, L1600
Printable material
AB film, PVC, Acrylic
Shelf life
W and GO 6 month, Color ink 1 year
Storage method
Store in a dark, cool place, and be careful not to let dust and debris enter after the seal is opened
In the air in the hand, it can also maintain the original finished state of the ink for a long time, and once there is no irritating odor, it will not make people feel uncomfortable. I feel that it will not cause great harm to the human body. The water in UV sounds like a relatively monotonous black series, but it is not the case. It already has multiple colors such as red, yellow, blue, and black. And its color is very bright, with high- A saturation, the gloss is also better, can give people a bright feeling, therefore, in the system When making UV products, the choices are also very diverse, which can better meet the different needs of different customers. It should be noted that the best way to store UV ink is to keep it away from light, and it should be sealed well, not often exposed to the air, and also not Put it in too low or too high a temperature, because the extreme temperature will cause it to deteriorate, and its quality may become less than ideal.