screen printing stainless steel spatula

Product description
Wooden handle stainless steel Screen printing ink spatulas are a key tool for overall profitability by keeping your ink distribution clean, easy, and fast.
Steel is a preferred ink applicator by many screen printers because of the flexibility of the blade. A flexible blade allows for easy ink application on the screen making specific quantities a lot easier to manage.product description

Production specification

Item size Blade Length Blade Width Total Length
18″ 465mm (18″) 42mm 605mm
16″ 410mm (16″) 42mm 550mm
14″ 360mm (14″) 42mm 500mm
12″ 310mm (12″) 37mm 400mm
10″ 255mm (10″) 35mm 385mm
9″ 230mm (9″) 33mm 365mm
8″ 200mm (8″) 32mm 330mm
7″ 175mm (7″) 30mm 300mm
6″ 150mm (6″) 28mm 275mm
5″ 125mm (5″) 24mm 250mm
4″ 100mm (4″) 19mm 195mm

Production feature

1.Stainless steel blade,Natural wood handle
2.Taper ground blade for even flexibility
3.Size:from 4”to 12”5.Natural wood handled ink spatulas feature stainless steel blades that are tapered consistent.


Product details

product details1product details3

Product application

1)Screen printing Wooden handle ink spatulas  are a key tool for overall profitability by keeping your ink distribution clean, easy.
2)Steel is a preferred ink applicator by many screen printers because of the flexibility of the blade.
3)A flexible blade allows for easy ink application on the screen making specific quantities a lot easier to manage.