Aluminum Alloy Silk Screen Frame for Printing Industry -paint spraying


Product Description

 • Adopting High quality Aluminum Alloy as the material

 • Each frame is hand cut and welded

 • Sandblasting & Grinding for optional

 • All corners are completely sealed to prevent leaks

 • 100% monofilament polyester mesh

 • German KIWO adhesive

 • Regular tension is between 17N-26N.

 • Customized frames are available on request

Product Specification

                                    Screen Printing Frame with Mesh
  Frame Outside Dimension       Aluminum Profile  Mesh
18″x20″ 1 3/8″x1 3/8″  / 35mm*35mm 110 mesh count120 mesh count135 mesh count
150 mesh count160 mesh count
180 mesh count200 mech count230 mesh count250 mesh count305 mesh count350 mesh count
20″x24″ 1 3/8″x1 3/8″  / 35mm*35mm
23″x31″ 1 1/2″x1 1/2″  / 38mm*38mm
25″x36″ 1 1/2″x1 1/2″  / 38mm*38mm
Customized Size and Profiles are available

Product Feature

Spray paint treatment, long use time, corrosion prevention, beautiful

Adopting High quality Aluminum Alloy as the material

Each frame is hand cut and welded

Sandblasting & Grinding for optional

Product Details