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Application screen printing squeegee

Squeegee is used in screen printing, usually assembled with aluminum handle or wooden handle, used in hand printing or machine printing, with strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance properties, hardness can be customized.

Product Description

Rubber squeegee is high quality, solvent resistant and long lasting squeegee for the screen printing industry. Our Squeegees are made out of top grade Polyurethane Elastomers, made to last longer than most other squeegees.

squeegee rubber


Type:AS serious



Color:can be customized Available


Hardness:50A  55A  60A  65A  70A  75A  80A  85A  90A 95A

AS  :Resistant to water-based inks,it’s your ideal choice for t-shirt printing,textile printing when using common screen inks.

AM :Compatible with most UV inks,with high solvent&abrasion resistance.Suitable for printing textiles,packing,advertising,glass,ceramics,etc.

AQ  :Imported raw material with super resistance to abrasion and high resistance to chemicals.Widely used in PCB,CD printing and other electronic industry.

AD : With super solvent resistant and excellent abrasion resistance,longer service life.Used in touch screens,solar cells,electrodes,etc.for high precision jobs.

Hardness Introduction
Super hard
Triple soft
Triple medium

Standard size: 25x5mm,25x7mm,35x5mm,35x7mm,40x7mm,40x9mm,50x7mm,50x8mm,50×9,50x10mm,etc.

Length: 1000mm,2000mm,144″(3660mm)/as your request

Width: 25 mm-100mm Thickness: 5mm- 10mm

Hardness: 50-90A

Standard color :Yellow ,blue,white,red,coffee,green etc ,available for your request

Blade type:square, rounded and V-cut profiles,etc. 刀口

Our workshop

Shenze Jiamei Screen Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, located in Hebei,China. We are a company integrated manufacturing and sale. Over the years we have always concerned about the development of the screen printing industry, in close attention to quality and sales at the same time to improve our own. Our company’ s construction area is nearly 10000 square meters, each product has its own independent production workshop.

jiamei screen

Squeegee Storage

1.The squeegees should be laid flat when stored in the warehouse. Do not roll them up.

2. After opening the whole scraper, it should be placed for 24 hours to make it smooth before use.

3.When storing the squeegee without removing the handle, the squeegee should be turned up. The squeegee should not touch any object. 4 storage squeegee temperature should be in 20℃~25℃ dry environment, away from the ink, because squeezer can absorb water and solvent in the air.

Product Usage

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