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DTG Printer Description

Direct to Garment (DTG) T-Shirt printing or digital T-Shirt printing is the process of printing full-colour images onto garments.DTG can be used on light or dark colored garments. Using the latest printing technology and top quality DTG machines, we can print full-colour images onto a wide range of T-Shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing.

T-shirt printer, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizing a true printing, no plate making, full color image once completed, is a replacement product of traditional printing machine.


Product Description

Direct to Garment tshirt printing machine a3 DTG t shirt printer for textile printing.
Using the latest printing technology and top quality DTG machines, we can print full-colour images onto a wide range of T-Shirts,polo shirts, hoodies and other clothing.


Product Specification

Print head

1 pcs Espon 1390
Print media T shirt, Cotton,Noly, Polyester
Weight 60 kgs
Max print size 30*40CM
Net weight 33 kgs
Gross Weight 45 kgs
Packing size 850*600*460mm(WxLxH)
Machine size 950*700*550mm(WxLxH)
Powder 100W
Environment Conditions Temperature :20-28℃Relative Humidity : 65%-75%
Photo Format Type TIF/JPG
Ink Type Textile
Printing Speed 7min/pc for A4 dark garment, 4min/pc for A4 white garment
Printing Capacity 120 pcs white T shirt or 60 pcs dark T shirt /8 working hours
Printing Cost

$0.1/white T shirt, $0.5/dark T shirt, Full A4 size



Product Feature

high quality clothing direct injection digital printer
The high speed printing to meet the high yield needs of users
The long-life industrial grade piezoelectric technology
The support of white ink printing, easy printing light and dark clothing
The use of safety and environmental protection water-based pigment ink
After the strict reliability test equipment, safety and stability
The technical support for life and first-class customer service


Breakthrough traditional selling point:

1: all intelligent LCD touch test micro control system,
2: no break multiple duplicate printing system,
3: intelligent full automatic lifting system,
4: infrared collision avoidance system,
5: all intelligent computer micro control system without error reporting system

Product Application

Individual class service is popular in each courtyard school and corporate units, the creative DIY mode highly personalized group T-shirt, class tee shirt, graduation Memorial T-shirt, association of service, service fans,uniforms, couple T shirt, personalized T-shirt etc. group or individual T-shirt
professional t-shirt t-shirt printer for digital inkjet printing and direct process requirements, design of a fully independent development and production of digital printing machine, with mobile ultra lightweight body very convenient transportation. It can not only save the cost of transportation, and can also improve the safety in the process of transportation


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