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Tension meter

Screen Tension Meter is designed to measure how taut a woven material is when tension has been applied in two directions at right angles to each other, as in the case of a screen printing frame.
Its operating principle is similar to that employed by the CHECK-LINE HP Yarn Package Durometers, except that if is fitted with a one-inch bar indentor placed midway between two outer “reference” bars spaced two inches apart, instead of an indentor ball. When the instrument is placed on the material, the greater the tension, the more the bar will be pushed in and the greater the reading on the scale.
Tension meter Size(H*W): 12cm*9cm
Net Weight:564 g
Gross Weight(with box):858 g
Color: blue
Tension Range: 0-50N/cm
Application: silk screen printing industry.
1) Small size, light weight, easy to carry measurement;
2) The operation is simple, and tension measurement can be performed like a dial indicator;
3) pointer display readings, no power support;
4) High precision, Swiss production
Function: Suitable for testing all kinds of stencil tension
Application scope
1. SMT factory steel screen printing tension control
2. PCB printing production plant
3. Ink printing industry
Directions for use
1.Before using please put the tension meter on the glass and turn round the dial to make the pointer return to zero.
2.Flick the silk screen during measuring, the indication when the pointer stopped is the tension of the silk screen.
3.Tension meter is precision meter, fall and touch is forbidden, be careful during using.
4.Tension meter has been tested precisely when leave the factory, dismounting alone is not allowed.
5.Can’t touch the bottom side contactor by hand, put the machine vertically without using.
6.The Newton indication is the indication of the tension’s contactor, the error is +0.5N.
7.The indication of the second circle is the measured value during measuring.