Machine Gun Kelly Reveals New Screen Printing Brand Kit

Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly) used a very unique look when promoting his “Tickets to My Downfall” album, and now he works with NTWRK and the screen printing brand Individual Lab (aka INDVLST), Created an exclusive screen printing kit to help fans adopt a similar style.
100% cotton twill “sold out” work pants are hand-selected and printed in the individualist laboratory. NTWRK also plans to release a screen printing kit containing tickets from MGK to the graphics in “My Downfall”, which will be available this afternoon (US Eastern Time) at 4 pm / Pacific Time at 3 pm (April) 6th) Released through the NTWRK application.
The kit includes five air-dried inks, a screen printing scraper, an ink stirring rod and an environmentally friendly ink spray cleaner, an aluminum screen printing frame, and most importantly instructions on how to screen printing at home.
The price of this pair of pants is 190 dollars, and the price of the suit is 200 dollars. Please take a closer look at the pants and kits below and make sure to check the NTWRK app this afternoon to remove your pants and kits.
Kelly will definitely leave her mark in 2020, successfully transitioning from rap music to pop punk music, but the musician recently cited a desire to avoid complacency. When talking about KROQ, he said of his music career: “[I just want to] break everything I just did and annoy people again.”
He added: “Even if I say,’Break the appearance and anger people again,’ I mean let them think again; give them a moment, “This artist is so polarized that I Have to watch. ”
“I don’t want to be bored with an artist, I think Kanye West is a good example: we all have some time to sit at the table and talk about Kanye and it’s like,’I don’t like this!’ Or, ` `I like this!” Or, “Why did he do this?!” But, I will tell you, man. We are still talking about him, and we know that there is great power behind it.” “It will not be easy, And I am aware of this. I am happy to continue breaking the rules.”
Kelly’s latest works include pairing with YouTuber Corpse Husband on “Daywalker”, and the dark cover of Edwyn Collins in the 90s with popular partner Travis Barker for the new Amazon Prime series “City of Paradise.” ) Shoot.