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product description

product name
High precision screen stretcher machine
product number
Frame size
1100 mm*2200 mm
Machine outside diameter size

product specification

Structural part


Accessories name

Configuration instructions

Basic structure

Fuselage structure

Square shape

Sheet metal bending / detachable box

Plane frame

Square tube

Welding, surface finishing and processing

Fully dynamic structure

Screw rod system

Sino-foreign joint venture

motor 380V


Gear box

Sino-foreign joint venture


Tank cooling system

Exhaust fan


Aerodynamic configuration

Lock network

joint venture



electromagnetic valve

joint venture


220V- Q4D2L08

Pressure lock network

joint venture



Electrical configuration

PLC system

The tension and the network programming / program




Touch screen

Sino-foreign joint venture  TH765-MT7MS

frequency transformer



Stroke switch

Induction switch





AC contactor  


Schneider LC1E2510M5N AC220V 

Product characteristics

using PLC microcomputer control and intelligent memory control system, intelligent man-machine exchange interface, simple operation, ensure that the tension and the network action accurate, stable and efficient
The design uses the most scientific and reasonable one type of clamping net principle, the cylinder fully automatic locking clip net device. The lock net is convenient and quick, the force is uniform, the clip net is accurate. And through cylinder pressure and net cloth traction force of the best force parallel distance! True tension (0 – 60N) no sliding mesh, no gap, no dislocation deformation.
Screen stretcher (3)
Machine body structure using high strength steel mixed structure
X and Y column to stretch the net work in full stroke data display, accurate to micrometer (UM) level and open intelligent director memory mode, to meet the different types and different specifications of the mesh tension and the network, the tension and the network stroke parameters can be arbitrary choice memory, fine-tuning control and humanized, and automation. The maximum improves the stretching efficiency! The maximum tension and the network operation is simplified.
The original introduction bridge law “, to promote the most reasonable stretching idea. The tension and the process, when the mesh in the X and Y column and at the same time, the four right angle machine with automatic buffering force balance function, let the error between force and quickly reached approach alleviate supplement, gradual progress to achieve the required tension. To ensure the maximum mesh explosive under ultimate tensionJM-STE (3)
The whole machine is provided with multiple operation protection device. The circuit and gas circuit design is reasonable and reasonable, and the power is small. Meet the development trend of low energy consumption. Different requirements for different industries, different sizes of professional custom-made.
With more humanized clamping net digital scale display, with gauze position, foot switch and other auxiliary components and mesh without need of cutting, initial placement mesh is more accurate, save manpower; under the required tension less than 40n, matching is equipped with automatic mute air pressure system.
Equipped with automatic top net system. Lifting distance, air pressure and other arbitrary regulation. Top net mode is reasonable, the operation is convenient.
1.Integrated screen locking eliminates the manual single chuck, the pressure of the clamping net is uneven, the uniformity and flatness of the screen cannot be unified, the gaps between the chucks cause ripples, and the uneven force can easily explode the net
2.It breaks the misunderstanding that the traditional pull screen needs to be “angled” and realizes the true X / Y line vertical pull screen. At the same time, the waste of defective products caused by the “angle-angle” is eliminated, and the net yarn is saved.
3.The most accurate drawing mode. That is, stretching in the X / Y direction at the same time, and ensuring that the stretching speed and force are consistent, thereby ensuring the maximum uniformity of the mesh (reference value: ± 0.5N), Make the most of the mesh.
4.The convenient net-drawing method of automatic intelligent memory solves the cumbersome manual net-locking, net-drawing and other unscientific processes. More than 100 sets of pull data memory space, unprecedented in China. It is more than 3 times faster than the traditional manual or electric pulling net, which makes the pulling net more efficient and saves unnecessary manpower, financial and material resources. (Reference value: 3-5 minutes to complete the net drawing operation)
5.The stable and high-strength structure can be easily made for stainless steel screen, composite screen, and high-tension screen. No distortion, yarn running, etc. The traditional network equipment is unparalleled.
6.The operation is a “fool” type, which is also the core focus of the aircraft design. Any staff can be proficient in the operation and use of the machine within 1 hour. Get rid of the trouble of finding professional talents completely.
7.If a professional plate-making dealer is equipped with this equipment, it is suitable for any screen cloth stretched by screen printing. Its high efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality, and low manpower will undoubtedly have a huge impact on its peers and increase its popularity.
It is widely used in high-precision, high-tension screen printing stretch screens in the printing industry, solar photovoltaic industry, circuit board industry, LCD touch screen industry, electronics industry, glass printing and other fields. High-quality stretch nets of any straight stretch type including polyester, nylon, stainless steel mesh.

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