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Product Description

This printer is our company basic type with multi function screen printing head

Loosen the top two screw handles to adjust the screen clam, move the clamp from right to left, back and front, up-dowm and angles. Don’t need to loose the screen directly.

Alum table and HDF table are available for choosing. New style base is more strong and stable.

Double rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely.

Product Feature

Basic style with multi function screen printing head
Loose the top two screw handles to adjust the screen clamp, move the clamp from right to left, back and front, up and down and angles,no need to loose the screen directly
Alum table and HDF table are available for choosing, new style base is more strong and stable
Double rotary type, screen and table can rotate independently, strong base with caster to move freely未标题-5

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