Machinery Aluminum Squeegee Handle (General Edition)

Product description

Machinery aluminum squeegee handle is suitable for most screen printing machine, the groove makes the handle get in firm touch with the machine arm, so it can move fast and smoothly.  Loose the screw and put the squeegee in to the right place,then tighten the screw. Now you can scrap the ink with the squeegee.
Precision Extruded Aluminum Squeegee, light weight yet built to last a lifetime. Ridges inside the squeegee opening help grip the rubber firmly with even pressure without piercing the blade or distorting it.To replace the rubber, simply loosen the screws and insert replacement rubber.

Product Specification 

Machinery Aluminum Squeegee Handle (General Edition)

Widely used in the following industry

-Graphic printing industry

-Solar industry

-Textile screen printing industry

-Ceramic industry

-Electrionic circuit board industry

-Bottle manufacturing industry



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