Screen Printing Tunnel Conveyor Dryers Machine

Tunnel Dryer Machine
Model: JM-TR-3
Parameter:Heating area: 300x65cmBelt speed:1-5m/min                             

IR heating lamp:16 lamps                   

Temp range:0-250 degree                     

Total power:380v,9000w


PS, Two free lamps are matched for free.



*All working area are available to customized.

*Temperature and working speed can be adjustable

*Digital speed meter enables operator to adjust working speed accurately

*The heating element is silicon carbide tube, which has high efficiency light source to dry clothes exhaust fan eliminates the scrape outside

*It is suitable for dryer carious kinds of textile printing ink, such as plastisol ink, silica gel printing ink, paste and water based ink.

Package:Wooden box: (260*112*149cm)+(224*106*148cm)Volume: 7.85m³

Gross Weight: 500kg

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