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JM-WT-2 Stand Type Washout Tank With LED Light


This machine is special equipment that clean the screen printing frame


The function and features of this machine:

1.Rinse tank long 60 cm ; Width 80 cm, tall 80 cm; screen frame fit size is length 80 cm to 80 cm length 
2.The back of rinse area install 54*54cm LED flat light(power48W);Can be directly observed during flushing screen mesh;
3.LED lights isolation plate install 4 mm acrylic transparent board; The waterproof board resistant to cleaning, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, long-term use without deformation, no damage.



At the front set have curtain, to prevent when the spray splash to the operator.
5.There are three height adjustment holes on both sides of the curtain, So that the curtain can be adjusted up and down 14 cm;according to the height of operator and adjust it.
6.There are rack in the tank it can be according to screen dimension and rinse screen frame angle in any different positions.
7.The edge of baffle have water hole,so the water flow into the sewer in time.
8.With s-shaped odor-proof sewer,the length of it is 300cm.
9.Put four heights or width of 55cm frame in rack at the same time,when you couldn’t use the rack and push to the side.


10.The lower part of the water control rack is equipped with a water tray, and the remaining water on the screen is collected and cleaned up together.
11.The bottom of water control rack install clapboard,could place tools and materials.
12.The bottom of machine install wheels,move it at will.
13.The machine adopts electrostatic spraying,corrosion resistance,resistant to cleaning,no rust.
14.The machine adopts modular structure;equipped with full set tools and instruction.


When install this machine,the connecting screws in the box with waterproof aprons,the apron is installed inside the box to prevent to leakage.

Product Code

JM-WT-2A(110V) JM-WT-2B (220V)

Product Name

 Stand Type Washout Tank with LED light

HS code


Product Color


Tank size







American standard,National standard,European standard

Machine using material

steel plate

Machine surface treatment

Electrostatic spraying

Attachment material

Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating

Machine size


Net weight


Gross weight


Packing size


Packing volume

0.34 m3

Packing material

Export fumigation-free wooden case