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Screen Printing Rubber Squeegee Blade Roll


Squeegee Blade Roll:3.7m length , 9mm width x 50mm height

Squeegee Blade available in different durometer sizes.


• 60 durometer squeegees are the softest available, and are used for more delicate printing. A softer blade flexes more

than a hard blade, and works best with thinner inks. 60 durometer squeegees also are great for high density printing

since they allow a larger amount of ink to roll through the stencil.

• 70/75 durometer squeegees are a medium hardness, and are the most commonly used. A 70 durometer squeegee blade

works well with almost any screen printing application, and it is a great starter option for the beginning screen printer.

• 80 durometer squeegees are very stiff and are great for more intricate print jobs. 80 durometer screen printing squeegees

are great for printing with thicker screen printing inks such as whites and other opaque plastisols.


Printing squeegee come in different shapes, such as straight edge, round (bull nose) or double bevel (bevelled edge

also come in different angles). The bevel squeegee are used by bottle printers or hard surface printing. There are textile

printers who use bevel edge for fine textile printing.(please specify in notes which duro you wish  to order) we carry

double, triple and bull nose squeegee.


Achieving the best screen printing performance and productivity is greatly dependent on the selection of the correct

squeegee for the application and proper squeegee maintenance. When printing, monitor production time and rotate

squeegees frequently. (The necessary rotation frequency is dependent on the ink / solvent system involved in the

application) By doing so, you will achieve a more uniform print quality and increase the life of your squeegees.

A squeegee should always be wiped clean and dry following removal from the press and stored in a dry environment

at room temperature. The blade should be allowed to recover from the ink and solvent attack and rest for a period of

24 hours. It can then be placed back into production, or if necessary re-sharpened and placed back into production.


Polyurethane squeegees should always be stored flat in a dry (50% Relative Humidity) environment at room temperature.

(approximately 60-70 degrees F) Storage at temperatures below 60 degrees F may show an increase in durometer. This

increase has no influence on the physical properties or the performance of the polyurethane. Under these storage conditions,

the shelf life of the squeegee is approximately one year. Older squeegees often show increased printing performance.

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