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Flat manual screen printer is a kind of screen printer, which has flexible adjustment mode, excellent printing effect, comfortable use experience and complete printing function

Type:manual flat silk screen printing machine

         large format silk screen printing machine

         large manual flat silk screen printing machine

         precision flat silk screen printing machine

product specification





Printing area

70×100 cm


1.1 kw


1 set

Aluminum squeegee blade

1 set

Pallet hole space

20 mm

Pallet hole size

1.2 mm


80 cm

product feature

The machine has the functions of precise height adjustment, front, back, left and right, etc.

It can be fine-tuned precisely, the version change is simple and rapid, and the color registration is accurate.

Features: This machine has the functions of adjusting height, front, back, left and right.

The handle can be finely adjusted with scales.

 Changing versions is easy and fast. Can meet the requirements of accurate color registration.product feature

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product application

It is suitable for flat printing on materials such as paper, film, labels, plastic hardware, electronic nameplates, printing and other industrial supplies that are easy to adsorb and position. It is the ideal equipment for screen printing.