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Product specification

1、The spray gun is an advanced and efficient decontamination tool. High pressure jets for liquids are used to achieve decontamination.
2、The spray gun has advanced technology, reasonable design (alloy shell, durable), high jet pressure, strong decontamination ability, and stable performance. It is a knitted fabric (blanket), garment washing and dyeing industry, suits, screen printing, printing, mold, hardware , automotive, advertising, IC version and other industries decontamination tools.

Use operation

1. Fill the liquid bottle with spray liquid. Connected to the 220V power supply, press the switch, the gun is started, there is a strong vibration shock, start spraying after a few seconds, and turn into a low normal working sound.
2. If it fails to work after starting, try adjusting the knob behind it by: rotating the knob first and then slowly decelerating to achieve the minimum sound and the highest pressure. The pressure is tested by hand at 50 cm from the spout and has a strong shock. (Note: After adjustment, do not casually adjust)
3. The effective decontamination distance is between 10-15cm between the nozzle and the object. Operate at an angle of 45 degrees and repeat the injection to remove the stain.未标题-2


1. Spray guns can continue to operate, but they must also be moderated to avoid overheating damage.
2, the sound is normal but no jet, or jet powerless, loose nozzle is blocked, spin off the nozzle, clean up debris, or use a fine needle from the inside to the outside lightly.
3, the spray is normal, but it appears that the pressure is not enough or unstable, you can open the handle cover, check the pump’s tight silk is loose.
4, after the completion of the operation, need to spray a few seconds, the liquid in the pump is sprayed, and then injected into the oil from the oil hole a few drops and then empty spray a few seconds.
5, the gun is a high-pressure impact gun, must not spray on the human body. Should be placed in a place that children cannot reach.