Discountable price Rubber Squeegee Blades - 1color 1 station screen printing machine – Jiamei

Product Description

Based on the need of customers and market, our company R&D the 1-1 screen printer, which overcomes shortages of traditional press, such as without micro-devices, only one fixed platen and can not put on the T-shirt, pillow, bag and so on. It is especially suitable for printing non-woven environment-friendly shopping bags.

This equipment includes the main printing device and three platens with different sizes.


Product Application

the machine can print onto clothing (especially for T-shirt), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic tile,leather and other plane printing substrates, which is especially suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop.


Product Specification

manual 3 table screen printer



Pallet size:




With Micro registration, move screen up-down,left-right,

back-forth, ensure printing precision. 3 platens with

different sizes, suitable for different printing area.

Main Feature



You should loose the lock devices before installing and then tighten them after your installations. 

1. Install the Machine Head.Remove the bolts, put the machine head on to the base support, adjust the proper position and then screw the bolts tightly.

2. Install the Gravity Hammers.

3. Install the Stretched Screen Frame to check whether you have well installed it or not.

4. Adjust the screen plate with its micro adjusting functions, then apply it into printing process.

Packing & Shipping


Carton (49*21*27cm)+case(66*50*25)

Volume: 0.11m³

Weight:  15kg+19kg