Chinese Professional Screen Manual Cylindrical Round Printer - Hot air Gun – Jiamei

Hot air gun

Temperature Adjustable Digital Hot Air Gun Dryer

    • Voltage:            110V / 220V

    • Output Power: 2000W

    • Temperature:  100-590℃

    • Air Flow:           116L/330L/500L per minute

    • Weight:             1.5KG

• Spare parts: 1 spare round square nozzle,

heat gun,  instruction manual, packing box

    • Handle Type: Ergonomic rugged handle allows user long hours use

   • Continuous Working Time: > 300 hours





Welding, Soldering, deforming, defrosting, drying, removing paints, decals,floor tile and rusted nuts from bolts, stickers, varnishing and car repair.