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Screen drying cabinet
Name:  screen drying cabinet                                                       
Model:  JM-DO-1                                                                

1.Tray: 4 pieces
2.Max working area: 64*53*45cm
3.Max temperature: 75 degree
4.Voltage: 110v/220v
5.Power: 2000w
6.Weight: 36kg
7.Package size: 89*54*62cm

  1. Intelligent temp controlling system. Its temp can be adjusted according to the heat resistance of screen mesh. When the room temp is 77℉ (25℃), its highest temp can reach 172℉ (78℃).
  2. The inside installed axial flow fan makes the hot air in circulation, which guarantees an equal temp in cabinet and can improve drying efficiency meanwhile. The axial flow fan (specially used for large computer equipment) can normally be used for about 20,000 hours. It usually takes 2-4 minutes to well dry the screens coated with the photosensitive emulsion.
  3. It adopts hierarchical (100 levels) temp-adjusting system; users can adjust temp according to ambient temperature and different materials. It can operate according to your set temp next time because of its automatic memorizing function.
  4. It is wholly coated without corrosion and dandification. The drawer type is flexible but perfect tight. All kinds of screens can be placed and moved flatly with printed side up to guarantee the adhesive layer smooth.
  5. The heating plates are adopted the newest blade and unit type, with double-heat, low power and high heat efficiency. At the same time, it guarantees the temperature of machine even to make the temperature of each floor even and accurate.
  6. Total power is 800W.compared with traditional 3000-8000W cabinet, this machine can save power 70-90%.
  7. Constructed by four layers of cabinets,4 frames below 25”x21”(64×53) can be held at the same time, saving time, improving efficiency.
  8. Inner and out sides all adopts electrostatic spraying, professional outlook, easy to clean and no rust.


  1. Intelligent temperature controller, the temperature can be adjusted freely, the max. temperature is 75C.
  2. It’s smart cabinet is of good sealing
  3. Adopting newest heat plate with double- heat function,more efficiency
  4. High quality plate to make temperature of each tray even and correct.

The machine is important equipment in plate-macking,
it is used to dry the screen plate after emulsion coated or after washing screen plate.
1. Turn on the switch; then the machine will indicate “F000” and the air fan works automatically.
2. Press “+” until to “F070’
3. Place thermometer probe on the third drawer; Check the temp after five minutes.
4. If the temp is not right in your need, you can press “+” or “-” to increase or reduce 10 grades; Awaiting five minutes then check the temp.
5. After adjusting the available temp, the machine will automatically save and memory your set data.
6. It is normal that the “F” or “O” displays alternately when the machine is working.
Reference data: When the room temperature is 77F (25C) or so, close and seal all drawers, ten minutes later after you have set, the temp indicates—
1. Set “F050”, the temp is about 93F (34C)
2. Set “F060”, the temp is about 104F (40C)
3. Set “F070”, the temp is about 115F (46C)
4. Set “F080”, the temp is about 126F (52C)
5. Set “F090”, the temp is about 140F (60C)
6. Set “F100”, the temp is about 167F (75C)

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