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screen printing kit

We carries pre-stretched screen aluminum screens in many sizes and Mesh counts.
Popular sizes are as following:
Type of mesh Area of application
43T Textile printing with excellent coverage
55T Textile printing with excellent coverage and definition  
77T Textile printing, paper, cardboard, nylon ect.
 80T Print on paper, cardboard, nylon ect.
120T Print on PVC, vinyl, gadgets, glass, pens
Custom size frames are available on request.
● Durable — we offer strong profile for different size frames ● Surface Flatness — not exceeding 0.02”

● Tension Requirement — we use low-elongation and high stability polyester mesh to get the great tension

● Light operation —we adpot 6063T5 aluminum alloy as the material, which is light weight

● Good adhesion — we use Kiwo Glue imported from Germany, which is highly solvent-resistant

Aluminum screen printing frames can fulfill customers’ needs and are welded for great mesh adhesion. All corners are completely sealed to prevent ink from leaking. One side is specially prepared to make fabric adhesion fast and easy. Optional corner reinforcement is available for any frame size. Larger aluminum extrusions help eliminate frame distortion. Surfaces are anodized for maximum strength and durability.