A3 UV Dtf Flatbed Printer with High Quality espon 7610 Head

Product Application
With its unique printing design, the uv dtf machine is suitable for a wide range of applications. T-shirts, other clothing, cups, cars, etc. can all be printed on it.


Product Usage

The uv dtf printer has a printing device and a laminating device, and requires AB film as a printing carrier to ensure the entire printing process.

Let’s see the printing process of UV DTF printing:
1.Print the pattern on the direct transfer film first, and print in the order of white ink. color ink, and varnish.

2.After printing,put the PET film on the direct transfer film. It is recommended to use a laminating machine to press it. Of course, it can also be operated manually.

3.Cut out the desired pattern and paste it on the material to be pasted.

4.Press the pattern repeatedly, slowly tear open the film,finished.

未标题-2Product Description

The uv dtf printer is a uniquely designed printer, which uses the AB film as a carrier to print the pattern on the A film, and then attaches the B film through the laminating device, and the ink is quickly solidified by the UV lamp, so that our pattern printing is completed, After that, the pattern is cut out by a cutting machine, the pattern is glued on the substrate, and the film is torn off to complete the printing. It has simple printing steps, wide application, adjustable size, short time and good effect.


Product Specification



Print head

2 pcs espon 7610

Printing speed 2㎡/h
Max printing width 300 cm
Printing Materials AB film
Ink type UV ink
Power 220V/110V
Internet Gigabit Ethernet port
RIP Monte 6.1
Lamination method Constant temperature heating (automatic)
motor driven Pulse servo motor drive
Placement system Induction automatic cloth release + tension cloth release + super large smooth cloth stick
UV lamps power 40-160W
Machine size 100*45*39 cm 55 KGS
Package size

107*52*50 cm 70 KGS

Product Feature

1.Stable and excellent performance,low-cost flatbed printer

2.Standard LED water-cooled UV lamp,good curing effect

3.Independent control suction system,uniform adsorption forceto ensure the smooth printing materials.

4.Imported linear mute guide,low noise,high precision,smooth operation

5.White,color and varnish,three layers of print can be done at once.

Suitable for all kinds of hard material,scratch-resistant,high temperature resistance,washable and durable.Ideal for arts and crafts and advertising.

未标题-3Our Serives

1.One year warranty, life-long after-sales service.
2.Technologist instant online support service.
3.One to one professional technical free training.
4.For printer ink, the more you order, the cheaper the price !
6.Welcome to visit our Company or Factory at any time.


Machine size 100*45*39 cm 55 KGS
Package size 107*52*50 cm 70 KGS