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Squeegee Blade 80 Durometer – 6′ Roll


Squeegee Blade 80 Durometer – 6′ Roll is high quality, solvent resistant and long lasting squeegee for the screen printing industry. our squeegees are made out of top grade polyurethane elastomers, made to last longer than most other squeegees.

Our squeegees are durable with smooth edges and uniformity of the edges. the uniformity and smooth edges allow for a seamless coating of the ink. that is why the edges of the squeegee must be sharp and well defined, without defects. Furthermore, our squeegee’s are extremely solvent resistant-it does not soften or damage when dipped in solvent cleaners.


one roll has 72 inches of the squeegee

SPECIFICATION:Thickness: .375″ (9.5mm)=3/8 Width: (50mm)= 2 Inch


Durometer is the measurement of the hardness of the rubber squeegee. higher durometer, 90, is used for the graphic industry, especially by bottle printers. the textile printers mostly use 70 durometer- some printers may prefer 60 or 80 Duro. the lower durometer squeegee the more ink can be pushed on to the fabric, so if you like to apply more ink for better coverage or if you are printing puff or gel, you may use 50 or 60 durometers.


printing squeegee comes in different shapes, such as straight edge, round (bull nose) or double bevel (beveled edge also come in different angles). the bevel squeegee is used by bottle printers or hard surface printing. there are textile printers who use bevel edge for fine textile printing.

Packing &shipping